A Message from Fr. Paulson

Welcome back!

Labour Day weekend marks the end of the summer vacation and the beginning of regular activities in our homes, work places, schools, and in our parish. All of you are kindly requested and encouraged to come out of "a relaxation mood" and to take an active part in the spiritual work of our parish community.

During the time of creation, on the seventh day God took rest. For God there was no need of a rest; but we deserve it. God did it with a purpose. God shows us the need of having a break or a change in our daily routine, so that we may have some time to be with God from our busy schedule of life. From our workaholic atmosphere, we shall have some time with God together with our family, together with our friends, and together with our parish family. As we gather back from our summer vacation, we prepare to give back to God with a renewed heart, and with a refreshed mind. We pray in our stewardship prayer,

"In gratitude for the abundant gifts, you have so graciously given to me, I return to you the first fruits of these gifts, through acts of service, and by generously sharing with others, all that you have entrusted to me".

Each one of us are 'a unique blessing' from God with a unique purpose. So after a "summer vacation" we are together to move forward. Let us come together, encourage each other, actively participate in the life of the parish and share our blessings for the glory of God. 

Let our parish family be a community of "vibrant faith sharing community".

Thank you. Welcome back!

Fr. Paulson CMI